`A Private View…….an artist`s world`

by Jackie Devereux

This book is a compilation of sketches directly taken from Jackie`s sketchbooks, created whilst travelling the world.

To see behind the scenes the visual stimulus which gives life to Jackie`s very original contemporary works on paper, is a fascinating journey in itself.

These images were never intended for public consumption and have not been tidied up – merely selected and plucked from well over 6000 of her most recent sketches – from Antarctica to the Arctic Circle and peoples in between.


The techniques Jackie uses are varied, depending upon the circumstances at the time – literally quite often she is recording as she moves – the more finished ones are when she has time to sit! She did not set out to produce a working instruction manual, rather hoping that this will capture the imagination of others to also`take a pen for a walk, and use it`.

This volume is entirely designed and hand-written by Jackie Devereux and is the first in a series; it gives an insight into some of the places she has visited and re-visited.


 Artist, Jackie Devereux SGFA is a Member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art, London, and believes wholeheartedly that drawing from life not only stimulates the visual senses but feeds the imagination, and adds freedom to creativity. This is the ethos behind her popular drawing and watercolour workshops.


Jacaranda Publishing UK

Hardback only:£20 each+p & p

Limited Edition
of 150 copies:£99 each+p & p

Limited Edition are signed and numbered, including individual unique hand-painted covers, including an original 14cm.sq signed line and wash sketch.


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